World’s first pothole fixer robot set for UK market

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A UK startup is about to commercialise what it claims is the world’s first autonomous robot able to locate and fix potholes.

Robotiz3d has combined artificial intelligence (AI) with advanced robotics to automate road maintenance based on patented research developed at the University of Liverpool.

The autonomous vehicle uses advanced detection and repair technologies incorporated into the AI robotics system to assess and predict the severity of cracks and seal them before they worsen.

It can analyse the geometry of potholes and collect measurement data as it operates. It is expected that once in the market, it will help local authorities to predict road conditions accurately.

The latest Asphalt Industry Alliance Annual Local Authority Road Maintenance report found that the backlog of road repairs and budget shortfall is the highest on record.

In the last financial year, local authorities spent £93.7m on reactive maintenance, such as patching and filling potholes.

Robotiz3d said official testing is underway and is making substantial progress towards commercialising its technology.

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