Without a Doubt, These 5 Party Pedicure Colours Always Look Classy

How is it almost December already? I know everyone says it, but I really can’t believe how quickly this year has gone. Suddenly I’ve got a flurry of Christmas party invitations, and between choosing what to wear and what presents to bring, I’m feeling a little bit stressed. However, one thing I don’t have to be stressed about is my pedicure. This year I decided to be a lot more prepared when it came to my beauty appointments, as I knew that when the festive season rolled around it would be time to dust off my sparkly heels and get the toes out. I’ve already got my pedicure booked in for next week, so all that’s left to do is choose the right colour. 

I don’t know about you, but I never really know what to go for around this time of year. Sure, there are plenty of glittery, festive-themed colours out there, but I always prefer something a little more paired back to add a chic finishing touch to my look. After spending hours scrolling on Instagram, I’ve come up with a solid list of party pedicure colours that I believe are fun and sophisticated all at the same time. So, if you’ve also started prepping for a busy month ahead, keep on scrolling and use my guide to the best party pedicure colours as an easy point of reference for your next appointment…

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