We’ve Tested Hundreds of Skin Tints Between Us—These 6 Are Easily the Best

Nowadays I only really wear a glowy SPF and concealer as my base but, with a year full of weddings coming up, I knew I could use something with a little more coverage. After reading reviews on all the tints on the market, I opted for Chanel’s latest Les Beiges formulation—Water-Fresh Complexion Touch. I had tried the OG Les Beiges tint before and loved it, so I was ready to give this one a whirl. Granted, the shade is probably a littler paler than I need, but it’ll do the job in winter. 

First impressions? That dew! I like my base makeup dewy and this product is certainly that. It gives my skin a luminosity without any sparkle—the base tint Holy Grail. While it might look like a gimmick, the thing that sets Water-Fresh Complexion Touch apart is, go figure, its water content. It is made up of 60% water which gives it an ultra-lightweight finish (just what you want from a tint). As you can see, the formula is made up of micro droplets which are discernible in the clear solution and, let me tell you, they may be small, but their radiance is unrivalled. My skin looks flooded with moisture from the second I apply and requires very little blending. 

In terms of dosage, you only need a tiny amount—less than a full pump I’d say—to cover your entire face. I usually dot it in place on my forehead, cheeks and chin and buff outwards—with the mere sweep of the brush, a radiant glow is bestowed. In fact, It’s so easy to apply, I could genuinely do it without a mirror. As you can see, the coverage is good but far from masking—you can still see the albeit softened redness on my cheeks, which I always disguise with blush anyway. In terms of shade range, there is good diversity there, too. There may only be 16 colours but their sheer nature means they work in tandem with your skin tone underneath. And the range itself does feel even kilter—the BR172 Deep Dark with Red Undertones shade is especially impressive (I’m wearing BR12 Light with Rosy Undertones). 

At £52, this tint is definitely an investment and the 20 millilitres you get for your money is less than many other brands. The fact that you need so little product counters this somewhat but the pump does make it difficult to limit how much comes out. Really, there’s no two ways about it, it is expensive—even the cute little Chanel brush that comes with doesn’t soften the blow. But, if you want a lightweight product that feels as if you’re wearing nothing and you can justify it, this could be the tint for you.

Pros: Hydrating, sheer coverage, comes with brush, easy to apply, adaptable shades to suit different undertones

Cons: More expensive than most, less product than other skin tints

Rating: 9/10

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