Western Acoustic Speakers Turn Up the Volume on Sonic Simplicity

A decade ago the end of the home stereo seemed all but final. Streaming audio, mobile devices, and headphones as functional fashion unplugged most of us from the dedicated audio system, allowing us to listen to music anywhere and at any time. Then like any trend, a counter-movement emerged – vinyl began satiating a desire for the tactile and analog. Audio speakers from the likes of Devon Turnbull and his company OJAS became highly sought design objects as much as audio components. More recently, listening events have emerged as intimate social gatherings devoted to the ritual of music. Consider small San Francisco audio upstart Western Acoustics reflective of this emerging new generation of audiophiles collecting and coveting gear transcending mere sound.

A pair of Western Acoustics Type 2 bookshelf speakers with a 2-tone speaker fabric grille in light blue hues.

First thing you’ll notice is the sculptural organic design of Western Acoustic speakers. Characterized by its custom horn-machined solid wood construction and customizable graphic grille, you’d be forgiven for imagining the speaker’s spherical wave horn as a plain bagel – albeit, one beautifully carved into a gently smooth shape paired with a Purifi USHINDI-series ultra-low distortion transducer 6.5” woofer.

Detail of the metal Western Acoustics metal emblem adorning the Type 2 bookshelf speakers with a 2-tone speaker.

With a catalog comprising just two models, both the brand’s Type 1 and Type 2 speakers are actively powered, meaning neither requires the aid of a separate amplifier for playback. Connect a turntable and you’re ready to spin.

At a 16.5″ h x 10.5″ w x 13.5″ d size, the speakers allow for a wide range of placement, whether it be across a surface or on stands. But don’t let the dimensions deceive you, as Western Acoustics has engineered a speaker system with a 350-watt (RMS) Hypex 123 DSP plate amp within each speaker, powerful enough to perform in both residential and retail environments.

Young man with bowl cut in armchair and young woman with short blond hair laughing holding cocktail seated on ground listening to music from a turntable and two bookshelf speakers.

Representative of its boutique nature, the speakers can be customized with an assortment of woods, finishes, and grille cloth options to complement whatever environment they’re intended to inhabit.

Western Acoustics Type 2 bookshelf speakers with blonde wood cabinet construction and red acoustic speaker cloth grilles.

Specs include an operating range of 32Hz-18KHz and nominal impedance of 6 ohms.

Western Acoustics Type 2 bookshelf speaker with blonde wood cabinet construction and red acoustic speaker cloth grille.

Those seeking to add a pair of Type 2 active speakers will need to reach out here as each set is made to order. Just be ready to part with $4,000/pair.

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