We Went on a Vacation to France—Here Are the Key Items We Wore to Look Chic

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Melissa and Rachel Meyers are one stylish mother-daughter duo. While they have their own styles, they often gravitate toward similar pieces when putting together their go-to outfits. Yes, this includes those vacation outfits. The Meyers women just went on a vacation to France (the South of France, to be exact) and relied on a few key staples throughout their trip.

“Our recent mother-daughter vacation to France was an unforgettable adventure, filled with the most gorgeous landscapes, delicious cuisine, and, of course, impeccable fashion. In a country celebrated for its style, we decided to embrace the chic sophistication that French fashion is renowned for and wore our Parisian-girl outfits. With a shared love for timeless elegance, we curated a wardrobe that not only made us feel stylish but also captured the essence of French flair,” Melissa Meyers said.

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