We Asked, Experts Answered—7 Ways to Level Up Your Makeup Game With Glasses

Camri Hewie Makeup for Glasses

As a glasses-wearing beauty editor, I’ve heard one too many times that wearing glasses makes doing makeup difficult. Feeling discouraged from playing with eye makeup while sporting frames isn’t a new concept (if you’re curious, search online for “vintage beauty guides” on Youtube to see how it’s been navigated throughout history), but I’m a firm believer that we can never have too much access to new sources of information and products to match.

If you’re wearing glasses on the daily, why not highlight your eyes even more with eye shadows, luscious lashes, and eyebrow pomades? With that idea in mind, I’ve pieced together a guide to glasses-worthy makeup with the help of two beauty experts: celebrity makeup artist and educator Monika Blunder and beauty expert and entrepreneur Tomy Rivero. Keep scrolling for the seven biggest tips, tricks, and products for pulling off the perfect makeup look for glasses every time.

Tip #1: Prime and Conceal Around the Eyes

Tip #2: Add Length and Volume to the Lashes

Tip #3: Try Soft Eye Makeup

Amaka Hamelijnck Makeup for Glasses

Tip #4: Frame Your Eyes With Elongated Brows

Tip #5: Apply Powder to the T-Zone

Tip #6: Play With Bold Lip Colors

Tip #7: Apply a Pop of Color to the Cheeks

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