Watchmaker Bulgari teases Vision Gran Turismo concept

Bulgari Vision Gran Turismo teaser

The latest Vision Gran Turismo concept teaser comes from an unlikely source. Bulgari, the watchmaker, has revealed glimpses of an upcoming sports car. Presumably it’s inspired by their timepieces, and Bulgari will also offer a limited edition watch when both are released next week.

There aren’t many details yet about the Bulgari Vision Gran Turismo. The only copy reads, “From defining Italian elegance to crafting its unique identity, Bulgari is set to astonish with its #VisionGranTurismo and BVLGARI Aluminium x Gran Turismo Special Edition Watches.”

However, from the video we can see that it appears to be a low-slung wedge in the finest Italian style. In fact, its raised front fenders make the front end look like a watch band link. We know aluminum will be used (virtually) in some fashion. The windshield curve is reminiscent of another Italian masterpiece, the Lancia Stratos. However, the body appears much longer and its raised fender arches far more pronounced.

The Vision Gran Turismo series of concepts is inspired by the popular Sony PlayStation racing simulator Gran Turismo. Launched in Gran Turismo 6, it has been one of the most entertaining examples video games bleeding into real life. Over the years Polyphony Digital, the game’s creators, have asked automakers around the world to dream up the wildest concepts they can, and then digitize them into the game.

Many car companies have actually built life-size versions of their fantasy cars. It’s not only fun to see super serious businesses have some fun, but also to see what they imagine are the no-hold-barred expression of their brands.

Having a non-automotive company develop a car for Gran Turismo is unusual, but Bulgari’s wouldn’t be the first. In Gran Turismo 4, before the Vision GT project was conceived, Nike created a concept car for the series. We’ll see what a watch company’s imagining of a race car will look like on December 3. The actual watch will go on sale on the same day.

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