Video shows fight breaking out on Southwest flight headed to Hawaii

Two passengers started a fistfight on a Southwest flight bound for Hawaii on Feb. 12.

According to NBC News, the incident happened on a plane leaving out of Oakland, California. Video shows a man in a baseball cap standing in the aisle of the plane and squaring off with a man standing in a row of seats. The second man appears to slap the first on his arm before the former responds by throwing a punch at his face with his right arm and then several more punches.

Surrounding passengers attempt to intervene, with one yelling, “No way, no way!” By the end of the clip, it appears that another male passenger was able to get between the two fighting passengers by ushering the man with a baseball cap toward the back of the plane.

“Our reports indicate that two Customers became disruptive onboard flight 1288 from Oakland to Lihue,” Southwest Airlines said in a statement obtained by NBC News. ”We commend our Crew and Customers for their professionalism in diffusing this situation. Our number one priority is the Safety and well-being of our Customers and Employees. The flight landed safely at its scheduled destination, and local authorities met the aircraft upon arrival.”

Users were quick to jump into the comments with thoughts about the two passengers’ behavior.

“How could someone get mad on a flight to Hawaii?!?” one user asked in the post’s comment section.

“Quickest way to ensure you never step foot on a commercial flight ever again,” another replied.

In April 2023, a passenger captured the moment a man lost his cool on a Southwest Airlines flight to Florida. In the clip, the unidentified passenger could be seen yelling at flight attendants for nearly 3 minutes over a crying baby.

“You’re yelling,” a flight attendant can be heard telling the agitated passenger in the video.

“So is the baby!” the man replied.

On a United Airlines flight in March 2023, a passenger filmed a fellow passenger on board attempting to stab a flight attendant with a spoon he tried to make into a weapon.

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