Ukrainian drone operators keep hitting Russian soldiers caught ‘desecrating’ Ukrainian land – video

Ukrainian drones continue to hunt down Russian military personnel who have “strayed from the herd,” catching them in the most inopportune moments.

A video surfaced on social media showing a drone strike on a Russian soldier who was unexpectedly caught in a rather embarrassing situation somewhere near Avdiivka.

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While having a “moment of privacy” behind a piece of damaged equipment, the invader did not take into account that he would hardly be able to calmly carry out his “mission” without the constant supervision of the air reconnaissance of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, and quickly paid the price for his mistake.

Noticing the approach of the kamikaze drone, the Russian soldier tried to escape with his pants down, but it was already too late.

Yet another invader learned an important lesson from the Defense Forces about the inadmissibility of desecrating Ukrainian land.

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