Ukraine pounds targets in Russia including fuel facilities

STORY: Eyewitness video released on Tuesday (March 12) showed plumes of dark smoke rising from a fire at a fuel and energy facility in Oryol.

In Russia’s western city of Nizhny Novgorod, footage also showed a fire burning at a fuel facility amid the reports that drone and missile strikes have been launched from Ukraine into the country.

Reuters was able to verify the location of both videos. It was not able to verify when the video in Oryol was taken.

Russia and Ukraine have both used drones to strike critical infrastructure, military installations and troop concentrations in their more than two-year war, with Kyiv hitting Russian refineries and energy facilities in recent months.

Russia said Ukrainian proxies had sought to cross the Russian border in at least seven attacks which Russian forces had repelled. The Russian-speaking Ukrainian proxies said they had breached the border, a claim denied by Russia.

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