Trump Fan Says Quiet Part Out Very, Very Loud With Disgusting Anti-Haley Comment

A voter in North Carolina faced fierce backlash over his highly offensive reasons for not even thinking about supporting GOP hopeful Nikki Haley’s presidential run.

NBC News’ Shaquille Brewster asked the man — identified as Emmett Martin, and who’d claimed “things were a whole lot better” with Donald Trump in office ― if he’d ever considered Haley for the White House.

“You know, what I got to say, you don’t really want to put it on,” he replied.

When pressed for an answer by Brewster, Martin let rip: “A woman is not going to be a good president. She don’t have no balls to scratch. She’s just gonna scratch her head. All a woman is good for in my book is having babies and taking care of the house. That’s the old thing. You know, I’m old school.”

Brewster sought to clarify: “So, you never even considered her, mainly because she’s a woman?

Martin replied, “Because she’s female. Don’t get me wrong: Females know what they’re doing, but they still got to have a little bit of guidance.”

Trump would provide that guidance, he added.

Brewster shared the video of the exchange on X, formerly Twitter, and addressed the sexism and misogyny that Haley has faced throughout her bid to loosen Trump’s grip on the GOP.

“Men and women have told me they wouldn’t vote for Haley because she’s a woman before (and in plenty of other states), but rarely is it said this explicitly and in front of a camera,” he wrote.

On X, critics couldn’t believe that such views still existed in 2024:


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