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Top tips to find success as a plastic surgeon, according to an industry veteran

Over the past 20-plus years, I have made my mark within the plastic surgery field. I firmly believe that dedicating valuable time to understanding each patient and grasping their sense of aesthetics and beauty is essential in providing exceptional patient care. My goal is to not only meet their expectations but also bring their unique vision to life.

Since my childhood, I have been known for my artistic and creative nature. I was deeply involved in the photography club during high school, participated in various arts and cultural events, and, though less enthusiastic about sports, I equally cherished the sciences, especially the life sciences. I pursued a major in Biochemistry during college and later attended Medical School, where I made the decision to embark on a career in Plastic Surgery. This choice stemmed from my inherent love for beauty, form, and function—the art and science of plastic surgery resonated most with my personality and allowed me to provide the best service possible. Here are my top tips for success as a plastic surgeon, which I’d like to share with doctors starting their careers in this field.

Passion for your craft: Just like any other career, trade, or profession, a deep love for what you do is paramount for success and longevity. Passion is the driving force, and creativity plays a crucial role.

Listen to your patients. Patients present with a wide range of issues and challenges. As plastic surgeons, it’s imperative to listen empathetically, understand their psychological needs, and devise solutions that address their specific concerns.

Think outside the box. In plastic surgery, there are numerous approaches to achieve desired outcomes. A thoughtful and creative Plastic Surgeon can tailor procedures to best suit each patient’s needs.

Maintain integrity in your work. This encompasses work ethic and moral values. Dedicate yourself to providing thorough care, using the best available options and tools, tailored to each patient’s unique situation.

Prioritize the patient experience. In private practice, the patient experience is pivotal to sustaining success. Even the most exceptional surgical results can be undermined if the office staff does not excel in meeting patient needs, nurturing self-confidence, and facilitating the achievement of desired goals. This requires effective communication, professionalism, and a caring approach.

These are just a few guidelines, and as the field continues to evolve, these principles may adapt, especially with the development of new technologies.

Mossi Salibian is a plastic surgeon.


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