Top 3 Explosive Meme Coins to Watch This Week: Altcoin Season Coming?

In an abrupt price surge, Solana-based memecoin Dogwifhat (WIF) exploded 43% on Monday, with over $90 million in trading volume recorded across multiple exchanges, including DEXs.

WIF is trading at $0.54 at press time, witnessing a 190% increase in trading volume.

It’s not just WIF, though – other popular meme coins are also trading well in the green, charting massive gains in the past 24 hours, and are perhaps worth watching throughout the week.

BONK, another Solana-based memecoin, saw a notable spike on Monday and early Tuesday, surging 16%, trading at $0.00001391 at press time.

These Memecoins Are Exploding

Overall, it seems like the memecoin market has seen renewed interest after weeks filled with practically no action while BTC took the spotlight.

PEPE, for instance, is up 50%, trading at $0.000002115, with a 250% increase in trading volume, according to data from CoinGecko.

Source: CoinGecko

WIF, PEPE, and BONK seem to be the top three meme coins to watch in the upcoming days, but others are also charting considerable gains.

FLOKI, which originally started as a meme token and now powers the Floki ecosystem, is another top gainer, up 19% and currently priced at $0.00004336.

Interestingly, MAGA (TRUMP), a meme coin inspired by the political slogan “Make America Great Again” popularized by former US President Donald Trump, has exploded nearly 85% weekly, with an additional 18% surge on Monday. The coin is worth $5.75 at press time.

The two heavyweights in the field – DOGE and SHIB – are also trading in the green, but their gains are smaller compared to the above.

DOGE and SHIB surged by 7% during the past 24 hours.

However, DOGE’s recent price behavior draws some interesting comparisons to its performance in 2020, displaying a similar pattern that preceded a massive surge of 28,770%.

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