Top 10 RWA Cryptocurrencies by Development Activity: Details


  • The leading token in the real-world asset (RWA) category shows higher development activity compared to its rivals.
  • Despite a recent dip in value, analysts are optimistic about a potential significant price rally for this asset in the near future.

This is the Winner

Real-world assets (RWA) represent certain physical assets, such as objects, properties, and others, and function on the blockchain through smart contracts. They have become quite popular lately, with a market capitalization equal to billions of dollars.

According to the market intelligence platform Sentiment, the token of that type that leads with the most development activity recorded in the past 30 days is Chainlink (LINK). 

“Chainlink currently produces 2.49x more daily activity than the next most active project, Synthetix, in the RWA sector,” the entity claimed.

Centrifuge (CFG), Dusk (DUSK), and Orai Chain (ORAI) rounded up the top 5 list.

“Santiment pulls notable github activity from project repositories via a back tested process to ensure only the team’s significant efforts to innovate and improve are included,” the platform explained.

LINK Price Predictions

Despite being down 10% on a two-week scale, multiple analysts remain optimistic that LINK’s value will experience a bull run in the near future

The popular X user Ali Martinez claimed that the TD (Tom DeMark) Sequential “is flashing buy signal on the Chainlink 12-hour chart.” He assumed LINK’s valuation could surge to $15.50 should it maintain above the critical resistance level of $13.87.

Michael van de Poppe was bullish, too, describing the token as one of the top 5 altcoins that can generate a 3x increase in BTC “with the lowest amount of risk.” 

Subsequently, CryptoWolf placed LINK on the list of “mooners” for the next bull cycle, while SlumDOGE Millionaire argued that it is one of the top “blue chip” cryptocurrencies at the moment.

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