TileBar’s Showrooms Are an Innovative + Immersive Project Planning Experience

Planning a long-awaited kitchen remodel or looking to give your bath the spa treatment? Going on a design journey from daydream to reality is exciting – but it can also be overwhelming. There are dozens of decisions to be made, from fixtures to finishes, many of which will hinge on the tile selection. So where should you even start? Seeking out professionals to help you narrow down your choices and spend wisely is both a difference-maker and a time saver. Luckily, TileBar showrooms have it all and are equipped to guide you with the help of consultants and a library of resources.

light and bright tile showroom space

A showroom should feel inviting and accessible while also being a comprehensive resource of product knowledge for visitors. Stop by a TileBar showroom, and you’ll receive nothing short of a state-of-the-art shopping experience that includes innovative design inspiration, a wide selection, interactive displays, knowledgeable staff, and quality customer service.

Each TileBar showroom location is outfitted with multiple workstations that serve as Design Studios where visitors can play and design onsite. You’re encouraged to bring in inspiration – fabric swatches, paint chips, and floor plans – even photos of projects similar to what you’re looking to create in your space to pull from. Alternatively, you can allow the showroom to inspire you.

light and bright tile showroom space

No one is a passive observer in a TileBar interactive showroom; everyone is part of an engaging and immersive experience. Tiles come to life for visitors when they enter one of the expansive, modern, beautifully lit spaces. In person, full-size tiles can help you better understand scale, color accuracy, and surface variations; there’s even the opportunity to see what a specific tile looks like fully grouted and installed. Digital tools on the company’s site allow for the exploration of virtual room simulations and 360-degree views, all meant to lead to more informed design choices.

light and bright tile showroom space

TileBar showroom consultants have a wealth of knowledge to offer. They understand style, trends, materials, functionality, and maintenance – right down to the brass tacks of how much to order and best practices for installation. One-on-one collaboration is available, and there are plenty of opportunities to ask questions, exchange ideas, discuss the pros and cons of products, and get personalized assistance. Well-informed customers will walk away with practical information on real-time inventory and pricing, with free samples in hand.

light and bright tile showroom space

The showroom experience doesn’t end at the door with TileBar. Customers will also leave with a complete understanding of the next steps to take toward the successful completion of their space. The brand’s growing suite of showrooms is just one component of its full omni-channel customer experience. TileBar is known as The Leader in Tile™, and the company’s showrooms make it easy to see why.

For more information, visit tilebar.com or book an appointment here.

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