TikTok Has Spoken—These Mini Beauty Trends Are Going to Be Big This Spring

Does anyone else use TikTok as their main source of fashion and beauty inspiration? Whenever I go on the app, I am amazed by how talented and creative everyone is, and I always end up learning about a new hairstyle or makeup trend that I can’t wait to recreate.

However, the thing I love most about the app is that you can find more niche beauty trends that you might have once missed. More often than not, these are the trends that end up becoming hugely popular later down the line, but who doesn’t love being one step ahead? As a beauty editor, it’s my job to fill you in on these trends before they end up everywhere, so I’ve spent the last few weeks doing some serious research on TikTok to find the biggest beauty microtrends for spring and summer. It’s a hard job, but someone’s got to do it, right?

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