This Understated, Classic Handbag Brand Is a Fashion Editor's Worst-Kept Secret

Strathberry was founded in 2013 by husband-and-wife duo Leanne and Guy Hundleby, and despite being a relative newcomer when compared to the long-established brands that dominate the leather goods category, Strathberry manages to speak a language of heritage and heirloom. Each style features its distinguishable bar closure, foil-embossed Strathberry emblem and hand-painted piping, demonstrating the impressive attention to detail. Its factory also oversees the production of Loewe’s leather goods, so these bags are in good company. 

With the prevalence of quiet luxury and the growing discernment of the average consumer, it’s fair to say that we’re all collectively prioritising quality items—the pieces that we’ll have for years, will retain their beauty and may even be passed down through generations. And whilst many associate quiet luxury with high-end fashion houses, I think it’s best attributed to brands like Strathberry, where quality precedes and the USP is thoughtfully crafted, lifetime pieces. 

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