This New H&M Coat Is About to Make You Look a Whole Lot Richer Than You Are

When it comes to building a wardrobe that looks polished, put-together and, let’s be honest, really expensive, you’d probably be surprised at how often I turn to the high street. If you know what to look for (and where to look), it can be easy to trick people into thinking you’re a lot richer than you are—trust me. A few of my top rules? Stick to tonal neutrals, good-quality fabrics and fluid shapes. And all of these boxes are ticked by an impeccable new wool jacket I just found at H&M.

Hear me out: I know H&M basics can sometimes look cheap, and this is mainly because of the amount of polyester used in its everyday buys. But there are some exceptions (usually found in the brand’s Premium Collection) that come along once in a while that truly deserve our attention, and usually sell out very quickly. 

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