This Accessory Has Been Seen On the Arms of the Best Dressed for Over 100 Years

Inspired by the design of a military tank seen from above, the Tank watch was first designed in 1917 by Louis François Cartier, a distinct and bold move away from the popular round watch faces of the time. Instead this delicate and linear shape references the feat of engineering behind the Renault tanks, mimicking the treads and cockpit of the vehicle’s cabin. 

Since it’s original design you can know shop the Tank Must and Française: chunkier, metal based styles, the Amércaine: a dressier, slim-line style with leather strap, and the newest and most pared-back style, the Tank Louis Cartier, that now comes in rich burgundy and emerald green. Those with a real eye for engineering may also be drawn to the Cintrée and Asymétrique watches as the exposed mechanism and angular shape of the Asymétrique make these both high on the wish lists of watch aficionados.

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