These Expert-Approved Tips Guarantee Stronger Nails

If you are the sort of person who can grow your nails to a length that has people asking whether or not they are real, just know that you are blessed. For the average person, growing your nails can seem like quite an impossible task. Take me, for instance. With what can only be described as teeny-tiny nail beds, my nails will always appear short at first glance. Plus, without a strong grounding for any sort of growth, they’re prone to snapping, snagging and breaking.

Usually, I try to make time for a around once a month. After a professional shape and tidy and once I have gel colour applied, my nails feel impossibly strong, like nothing could possibly break them. In fact, it’s when I have had a manicure that my nails are able to grow their healthiest. It makes sense, therefore, that the last few weeks have taken a toll on my nails. Without any hope of a salon appointment, and with my below-par at-home manicure skills, it’s safe to say my nails aren’t looking their best. While some are brittle and snapping left, right and centre, others are paper-thin, flimsy and weak. 

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