These 9 Colours Are the Centre of 2024's Biggest Fashion Trends

People often ask me what my favourite part of my job is, and I always say it’s the rush you get the second I’ve realised I’ve just uncovered a trend—something new and fresh (and that I can’t wait to tell all of you about!). Having said that, I don’t believe in following trends just because they feel current—they have to speak to you on a level that you know you’ll still love them, even when their time in the style spotlight comes to an end. 

Again, when people ask me which trends are worth investing in, I rarely give a specific answer. Instead, I direct them to colour trends. In fashion, colour trends move more slowly compared to other trends: I guess there’s only a finite amount of them, so they tend to have a longer lifespan than individual pieces. Fashion is cyclical, this we know, and colour trends have a tendency to come back around rather quickly. So, if looking timely is important to you, you can trust that said colours are sure to be prevalent again. 

With this, I wanted to find out which fashion colour trends that 2024 has in store. To do so, I searched through thousands (really, thousands) of runway looks. Out of them all, I can confidently say that 2024’s palette centres around nine colours—and classy ones at that! 

From the new neutral that will work with everything you pair it with to Pantone’s official Colour of the Year (which just so happened to be a catwalk hit also!), scroll on to see the top colour trends across fashion in 2024. You may even have some of them in your wardrobe but, if not, I’ve shopped out some of the chicest pieces in each hue for you. You’re welcome. 

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