These 8 Accessory Trends Will Be Major This Year—Commit Them to Memory

No wardrobe, no matter how chic, is complete without accessories. These finishing touches add that je ne sais quoi to an outfit; simply put, bags and shoes hold transformative power, and no one will convince me otherwise. 

As an accessories aficionado myself, I’ve been keeping my eyes peeled for new trends to adopt in 2024. While black boots and a simple crossbody bag serve me day-to-day, I can’t resist giving in to some of the bolder designs that surface each season. Most recently, it was a pair of sage-green Adidas sambas and a COS quilted handbag that had me breaking free of my minimalist habits and handing over my debit card. With the new year just around the corner—and a long list of fresh trends in tow—I have a feeling I’ll find space for a few more accessories in the coming months.

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