These 13 Brow Pens Are the Next Best Thing to a Spendy Microblading Appointment

As we all know, brows set the tone for every makeup look, framing your eyes and adding dimension to the face, so using the right products can make or break your look. With this in mind, microblading is one of those unique beauty treatments that are oddly polarizing. We’ll always recognize it as an instant way to upgrade your brow game (albeit, at a steep price point) and raise the endless possibilities of brow pens. Seeking full, feathery brows? Pull out a brow pen from your makeup bag. Obsessed with the office siren sleek skinny brows? That same brow pen will be your best friend.

If you’re unsure of where to start your brow pen hunt, you’re in luck. We tapped Los Angeles–based celebrity makeup artist Melissa Murdick (who’s created looks for everyone from Selena Gomez and Billie Eilish to Rosalía and Ashley Park) for guidance on how to shop for your perfect brow pen match and compiled a list of expert-approved products that are sure to majorly level up your makeup game. Scroll on to see our top picks, tips, and tricks!

Symphani Soto Best Brow Pens

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For Murdick, shopping for a high-performing eyebrow pencil all comes down to its ability to create a natural-looking finish, enhancing your brows rather than competing with them. “When I am shopping for a brow pen, the main thing I look out for is color,” Murdick begins. “So many brands have very warm or red-based shades that will stand out against your real brow hairs. For most folks, ashy/cool-toned shades will look more natural.” While microblading is definitely a tempting beauty fix, it’s challenging to find a professional who can perfectly match the texture, shape, and shade of your natural brows without a hefty price tag to match.

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