These 10 Cheap Eye Creams Are Just as Good as Their Expensive Counterparts

It’s fair to say that I have made no secret of my scepticism about eye cream. They are usually eye-wateringly expensive when you look at the cost per millitre and come with a whole host of unwarranted promises about their ability to reverse wrinkles and eradicate eye bags. In fact, until I discovered The Ordinary’s Caffeine Solution back at the start of 2019, I basically didn’t use eye cream at all. This one really only changed my mind because it’s pleasingly affordable at just £6 and didn’t make any ludicrous claims that it then failed to deliver on. Fast-forward two years, however, and how times have changed. I am now in my early 30s with a 1-year-old baby, and contending with dark circles and under-eye puffiness has become a daily challenge. If an eye cream lands on my desk these days? Trust me—I’m trying it.

Thankfully, I have since discovered a whole array of brilliant eye creams that help to minimise dark circles and allow me to fake an uninterrupted night’s sleep. Having said that, whilst I am so grateful to be able to test out some of the best eye creams in the beauty industry as part of my job, I am still totally not on board with the fact that basically every eye cream I get sent is ridiculously expensive. In my opinion, diminishing puffiness and brightening shadowy under-eyes shouldn’t set you back £100+.

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