The Pregnancy-Safe Beauty Products Sofia Richie "Literally Cannot Function Without"

Sofia Richie Grainge

In case you missed it, Sofia Richie Grainge is pregnant. Yes, we’re talking about the same woman whose wedding broke the internet last year and the same woman who is the reigning queen of TikTok. At seven months pregnant, she and her husband, Elliot Grainge, are expecting a baby girl in May.

Recently, she took to TikTok to share the beauty and wellness products that she’s been using throughout her pregnancy. “I am seven months pregnant, and I’ve been figuring out things that work for me, things that don’t work for me, [and things] that have helped me,” she says. “I figure maybe it’s interesting to some of you out there to hear my essentials.” Well, it is interesting, and we have the deets on every item she literally “cannot function without.” Keep scrolling to see them all.

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