The Opening Acts Furniture Collection Is Just the Beginning

Every show worth its bottomline plays up the anticipation of raising the curtain to reveal not only the performance but all of the hard work behind the scenes. Marion Stora has done much of the same with her inaugural furniture collection – Opening Acts. Stora initially worked on her own after opening the doors to her interiors studio in 2011 before working with a team to style distinct, warm, and lively spaces – all with a penchant for using hand-woven fabrics, raw hides, and wood.

A vase filled with flowers on a table.

Opening Acts harnesses the experience Stora has accrued in designing made-to-measure furniture pieces for her private clients, which turned into a refined 15-piece collection made in partnership with the finest craftspeople. The soft, harmonious lines she’s known for have found their way here as well, crafted in noble materials and accented with warm tones. By combining contemporary design with traditional skills, much like her primary inspiration, Pierre Chapo, Stora has brought to life a timeless family of furniture that’s full of integrity and character.

A room with a wooden table and chairs.

LA MONA table + ASTREA chair

The collection also shines a light on the designer’s matchmaking abilities among creative talents. For example, the LA MONA dining table features a sculptural base of Albizia wood from the Seychelles by Mauro Mori that’s topped with a material coating by artist Pierre Bonnefille, comprising mineral powder, natural pigment, and metallic powder that allows for a warm, visually soft surface. Meanwhile, Opening Acts’ SOULFUL armchair, with whimsical wooden armrests whose limbs extend into animal feet, is built by Charles Jouffre and upholstered in a handwoven fabric made by Toyine Sellers. One final piece we’ll add to the conversation is the ASTREA chair made and assembled by Laval. The seating brings together solid oak and natural leather upholstery that feels like the epitome of Stora’s style.

An upholsteread lounge chair and side table.

SOULFUL armchair

Two chairs sitting on a ledge overlooking the ocean.

ASTREA chair

A room with a wooden table and chairs.

LA MONA table + ASTREA chair

An upholstered lounge chair.

SOULFUL armchair

A chair with a leather seat on a wooden floor.

ASTREA chair

A wooden nightstand with liftable top and drawer.


A bed with white sheets.


A room with a desk, chair, and shelves.

ASTREA chair, EGON desk + MELODY bookcase

Light wood desk

EGON desk

patchwork upholstered stool

TINA piano stool

small console cabinet with magenta doors


long wooden dresser

WO WO WO sideboard

royal blue carpet with squiggles


curved dark blue upholstered sofa

CHATTY bench

magenta upholstered square stool


long wooden dresser

ROMANCE chest of drawers

A light-skinned blonde haired woman in jeans and a blazer.

Marion Stora

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