The Laid-Back, French-Looking Hairstyle Everyone’s Suddenly Booking in for

I’m going to be honest: when I heard that the ’70s shag hairstyle was back in, I dismissed it immediately. I had visions of drastically short, choppy layers sticking out all over the place, and told myself that there was no way that the haircut would work for me. However, as it turns out, the modern-day iteration of this trend is a lot softer than the original and actually looks incredibly chic. Thanks to subtle layers and relaxed styling, this haircut gives off all of the effortlessly cool, French-girl vibes I’ve been trying so hard to re-create. Not only does it look effortless, but this style is a lot more low-maintenance compared to other haircuts out there, as it’s all about embracing your natural texture.

As you can tell, I’ve quickly become a fan of this comeback hair trend, and as I’ve been doing my research, I’ve noticed that a lot of celebs and hair stylists are pairing the shag haircut with a fringe. From wispy bangs to curtain bangs and even statement, block styles, there’s no denying that a fringe instantly elevates this look. Why, I hear you ask? As you’ll see below, a fringe blends beautifully with the feathered layers that define the shag haircut, whilst also adding a grungy, ’90s feel that makes it a little fresher.

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