The Glowdown: Bobbi Brown Shares the Beauty Secrets We All Want to Know

Welcome to The Glowdown, the series where we dive into the beauty secrets of our favourite celebrities as they get real about their routines and non-negotiables exclusively with us. Join them as they sit in our beauty hot seat and we fire off a round of quick questions, giving you never-before-shared insight into the products they can’t live without, their secrets to getting red carpet–ready, beauty pet peeves, and the genius tips they’ve picked up along the way. This is no-holds-barred beauty at its finest.

This month, we sat down with Bobbi Brown. The professional makeup artist became a household name with her eponymous beauty brand, and her most recent venture, Jones Road Beauty, is not to be missed. The industry icon is known and loved for her simple, natural and minimal approach to makeup, and we sat down with the star to ask her all about her top makeup tips and tricks, her biggest beauty no-no and the best advice she’s received throughout her career…

Bobbi Brown at Jones Road

(Image credit: Jones Road)

1. Which makeup product gives you the biggest mood-boost?
Our Miracle Balm is truly magic—it works wonders on the face but also on the lips, neck and body. I even use it as eyeshadow and to smooth flyaway hairs. Au Naturel and Tawny are my personal go-to [shades] for the perfect amount of moisture, colour, and glow.

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