The Gen Z Report: 5 Handbag Trends Dominating on the Algorithm and IRL

Gen Z Says is a bimonthly column chronicling the latest trends in the fashion and beauty space through the lens of Who What Wear’s own Gen Z editors. Expect a download on the upcoming class of tastemakers, emerging designers, and shopping and style choices straight from the generation setting the trends.

In a world where the current conversations surrounding handbags are being led by the heirloom contender that is The Row’s Margaux, my thoughts as a Gen Z editor were shifted elsewhere. Instead of a $4200 bag, I was focused on where my generation is putting their purchasing power among the handbags currently on the market. What bags are we actually buying? What brands were actually getting Gen Z marketing right? What is our dream luxury bag? Do people my age even care about The Row? After all, with the speed of the internet, my generation isn’t easy to put into a box when it comes to shopping behaviors.