The Fab Vase Beckons Your Inner Florist To Come Out

In 2022, Finnish designer Anne Hirvonen designed a sculptural vase called Column, crafted entirely from recycled glass. She entered Northern’s Design Award competition, a platform that gives emerging designers the chance to showcase their designs and talents. Hirvonen was selected as the winner and, almost two years later, her beautiful design has finally launched. Now named the Fab Vase, the vessel is made using both traditional and new, innovative glass blowing techniques rooted in Nordic craftsmanship.

peonies in a glass vase on a wooden table

Through my development of the Fab Vase I want to highlight the ancient Nordic craft of glass making as it’s a skill that has long been endangered.

– Anne Hirvonen

peonies in a glass vase on a wooden table

white flowers in a yellow vase on a metal table

With its distinct shape, the Fab Vase is available in two colors, one transparent and the other a striking yellow hue. The latter features three layers of glass, with the middle layer colored, bringing attention to the organic patterns formed during the mouthblowing process. Every vase comes with a removable stainless steel metal insert that has 42 holes to allow individual flower stems to stand upright, allowing you to effortlessly create dramatic arrangements.

white flowers in a yellow vase

white flowers placed into a metal insert inside a yellow vase

yellow vase on grey background

clear vase with metal insert on grey background

To channel your inner florist with the Fab Vase, visit

Photography by Sara Spilling.

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