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The Evolution of Sustainable Travel

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In this episode of Skift Travel Spotlight podcast, Skift speaks with the Sustainable Hospitality Alliance at ITB Berlin about the power of innovation and education to build a more sustainable future.

This sponsored content was created in collaboration with a Skift partner.

Travel brands increasingly understand sustainability needs to be a fundamental part of their operations. However, putting this into practice can be difficult. In this episode, Glenn Mandziuk, CEO of Sustainable Hospitality Alliance, sat down with Kate Anderson, Creative Strategist at Skift, to discuss the evolving landscape of sustainable travel and the pivotal role collaboration and innovation play in shaping a more sustainable future for the industry.

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In this Podcast:

Changing Consumer Attitudes Towards Sustainability: Insights into the complexities behind consumer behavior and how the industry is navigating this dynamic to educate and empower travelers to make sustainable choices.

New Approaches to Sustainability: Behind the philosophy of net positive hospitality and innovative approaches to carbon footprint reduction, waste management, and social inclusion.

Hospitality Leadership: Why hospitality companies have a unique role to play in fostering sustainable behaviors among guests, even beyond check out.

Sustainability in Saudi Arabia: How starting from a blank canvas has enabled Saudi Arabia to integrate sustainability into its tourism development from the start.

This content was created collaboratively by Saudi Tourism Authority and Skift’s branded content studio, SkiftX.

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