The Decision Is Final—French Women Always Have the Chicest Party Outfits

This year marks my first December of living in Paris, and naturally, I’ve continued to partake in my favourite pastime of people-watching and deducing how French women dress. This November, I’ve turned my attention to evening wear and end-of-year parties. Partywear dredges up thoughts of dresses clad in weighty sequins, glistening adornments and towering heels and whilst French women do appreciate bold party styles, their outfit references are typically understated, give or take.

French women’s style makes for the ultimate inspiration during this season but you needn’t hoop on a Eurostar. Allow me to be your eyes on the ground, with the addition of Instagram, to bring you all the inspiration you need. Although we always look to these women for their basics—it’s the party outfits we’re most interested in right now. And rightly so considering brunches, dinner gatherings and after-dark soirées are filling up our diaries this year. 

So whether you look to Anne Laure Mais for how to wear the sheer maxi dress outside of the home or Anne-Victoire Lefèvre for the art of dressing with simplicity, here are six French women–approved party looks you can re-create with ease.

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