The Best Time to Sell is in the First Half of the Year, Report Finds

While the market is still unsettled—especially in regards to the currently pending NAR settlement and the changes that will bring to the industry—home sales continue as always. However, sellers have lost a little bit of the upper hand in the market as of late when it comes to a housing market correction. For sellers looking to press on through uncertainty, when are the best times to list and sell their homes to see a strong ROI?

ATTOM’s new report analyzed over 59 million single-family home and condo sales from 2011 to 2023 to pinpoint the best months to sell a home. The report found that listing a property in May, February, or April can yield higher seller premiums. In addition, the first half of the year is the busiest time for home buying, and therefore the best time to list and sell a home.

The top five months to sell a home:

  1. May

Average seller premium: 13.1% above market value

Average number of sales:  5,360,810

Median sale price: $230,000

  1. February 

Average seller premium: 12.8%

Average number of sales: 3,641,631

Median sale price: $212,000

  1. April

Average seller premium: 12.5%

Average number of sales: 4,880,248

Median sale price: $225,000

  1. June

Average seller premium: 12.4%

Average number of sales: 5,834,131

Median sale price: $237,500

  1. March

Average seller premium: 12.2%

Average number of sales: 4,805,396

Median sale price: $220,000

The report also took a look at the best days to sell a home, of which February reigned supreme. The best day to sell a home is May 27 with a seller premium of 16.2% above market value, followed by February 25 (15.9%); February 17 (15.8%); February 15 (15.7%); February 22 (15.5%); May 25 (15.4%); March 30 (15.2%); March 25 (15.1%); February 28 (15%); and February 24 (15%).

For the full report, click here.

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