The 6 Rules For Watch-Buying French Women Swear By

I’ve been looking to invest in a watch for a while as I have a big birthday coming up and thought this would be the perfect excuse to treat myself. The thing is though, it’s a tough decision to make, because whilst I may change a coat, a pair of shoes or a bag depending on my outfit, the occasion or the weather, the watch I buy really needs to pair with everything. Also, despite being a shopping expert, I’m admittedly a bit of a watch novice.

Which is why I’m looking to the style set that are known for their timeless capsule wardrobes as a guide. I don’t want a statement piece or a fleeting accessory ‘du jour,’ I want a forever timepiece that will go with everything. So, from Camille Charrière to Julie Berard, I paid close attention to the wrists of some of the French girls whose style I admire the most and collated some key style lessons when watch shopping. 

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