Tesla owner arrested in video wearing an Apple Vision Pro behind the wheel

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Look, we’ve all been there. You get a new tech gadget, and the only thing you want to do is play with it. There’s no issue with that, but people might take issue with you using that new tech in a way that puts them and their families in danger. One Apple Vision Pro early adopter found that out the hard way when he was arrested for apparently using the device while driving a Tesla on the highway.

Dante Lentini posted a video of the irresponsible behavior on X, showing himself wearing the headset and using his hands to scroll and type instead of driving the car. The end of Lentini’s video shows his car stopped with police nearby, and he confirmed in the comments that he’d been arrested. The video went way viral, racking up more than 24 million views as of this morning.

While the Vision Pro does allow forward vision while it’s in use, Apple explicitly advises against using it while driving. “Always remain aware of your environment and body posture during use. Apple Vision Pro is designed for use in controlled areas that are safe, on a level surface.” The company continued, “Never use Apple Vision Pro while operating a moving vehicle, bicycle, heavy machinery, or in any other situations requiring attention to safety.”

Tesla has been under the watchful eye of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration for its driver monitoring systems after several high-profile crashes that have caused several deaths, and the internet is full of videos of people using Autopilot and “Full Self-Driving” hands-off. As for the Apple Vision Pro, the internet is already full of obnoxious videos of people waving their arms around in public while using the device, but Lentini is likely the only person arrested for combining those activities so far. The $3,500 Apple device has sold out and appears to be in high demand, so we can only hope that his arrest serves as a cautionary tale to anyone else considering using it this way.

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