Tesla appears to pause Cybertruck orders ahead of launch party

The Telsa Cybertruck Robyn Beck / AFP
  • The Cybertruck landing page no longer has a link to pre-order.
  • Tesla’s Cybertruck launch party is set for Thursday afternoon.
  • Details about the truck are still sparse a day before the launch.

If you wanted to make a last-minute Cybertruck order, you may be out of luck.

Tesla’s Cybertruck landing page is no longer taking orders, displaying only a countdown clock for the truck’s Thursday launch event.

Tesla Cybertruck reservation page showing a countdown clock
Tesla Cybertruck reservation page showing a countdown clock ahead of the delivery event on Thursday. Tesla

Elon Musk’s Tesla is expected to deliver 10 Cybertrucks Thursday at its Texas Gigafactory, where the truck is built. The long-awaited release comes four years after the truck’s initial debut.

Production started on the Cybertruck earlier this year, leading to a series of sightings that have only increased the hype for the futuristic-looking truck. On the eve of the delivery event, Tesla still hasn’t released official specs or pricing for the truck, leaving order holders in the dark.

Instead, details about the Cybertruck have come out in bits and pieces, sometimes offering a peek at exactly what Musk is planning for his first foray into the lucrative US pickup truck market.

Stopping orders is the latest sign that the Cybertruck isn’t likely to hit the market in huge numbers anytime soon. A rescinded $50,000 resale fee raised eyebrows earlier this month, with automotive experts telling Business Insider these types of fees are typically reserved for limited-run models.

The Tesla Cybertruck launch event will be livestreamed at 3 p.m. ET on YouTube and X (formerly Twitter).

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