Team Tactics: How to Effectively Recruit Productive Agents

Running a team takes a lot of work to breed success, and a big part of that is the building and expanding your team’s roster with a lineup of great agents.

Effective recruiting leans heavily on building relationships and trust with other REALTORS® in order to create a presence that invites them to join your team.

Here are some ways to build your brand to effectively recruit agents to your team:

Event participation

Real estate events are for more than just education. They also provide a unique opportunity to build you and your team’s presence within the real estate sphere and help you network and recruit prospective team members. Getting involved and sharing your insight through joining panels and networking events will help you build yourself up as a thought leader and give your team more of a presence in the process. This will be a testament to your knowledge and success.

Social media

Curating a presence on social media, both for your team and as a team leader, is key to setting yourself apart from the competition as a thought leader and the team to join. Brand yourself and your team as hyperlocal experts. Your profiles should share valuable insights and knowledge into your market and demonstrate both your dedication and your success. 

Community leadership

Speaking of being hyperlocal experts, getting involved in your local community will help boost you and your team’s standing in this aspect. Participate with your local MLS, join in and sponsor community events, become a part of local organizations and more. This will help demonstrate to agents that your team is serious about their standing as hyperlocal experts and breeding success in the local market.

Make your onboarding simple

The easiest way to persuade agents to join your team is to make it easy to make the switch. Streamline your onboarding process and simplify it as much as possible in order to make the transition seamless for agents you recruit. This will be a strong talking and selling point for those agents who express interest in your team.

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