Team Tactics: Branding Your Team as Hyperlocal Experts

As REALTORS®—especially to be a successful real estate team—it’s important to keep up on the latest trends and news in the housing market to stay informed for your clients, as they often turn to you for expertise and knowledge. Branding your team as market experts is great for your marketing and attracting clients, but you can take this one step further.

Brand your team as hyperlocal experts in your area in order to market your members and become a staple in your community, and even attract more movers to the area to your team’s specific business.

Here are some of the ways your team can work to build a reputation as hyperlocal experts:

Start producing videos

If your team doesn’t already have Youtube and TikTok accounts, now is the time to get going on building those profiles. Have your members start producing content based on your area, and make sure to be specific with the SEO (search engine optimization) on this part. Your team members should showcase your area on these accounts and make themselves a local influencer. Showcase local shops and restaurants, unique features, events and more. People will flock to your team’s accounts for insights on the area. They’ll look to your team for what to do rather than googling. Plus, prospective movers will be turning to your team’s accounts to get a feel on if they should move to your area. This is when your team members should pepper in walkthroughs of new or active listings, and your team will be bringing in new clients in no time. 

Write and share blogs

Blogging may sound a little outdated in the world of social media, but it is definitely still an important piece of self marketing. Use blogging to brand your team as hyperlocal experts by sharing information on the local real estate market and economy. Break down the information and have your team members give insights, and each member can contribute information specific to their own niches/market strengths. Since you’re all working out of the same area, you’ll have a lot of experiences and thoughts to share that can definitely help other home buyers and sellers. Make sure to feature these blogs on your team’s social media accounts, and encourage current clients to share them, and your team will soon have plenty of soon-to-be clients turning to your blogs as their source of information.

Make a recommended tab on your website

In expanding your brand, building a website is at the top of the must do list. It serves as a landing space for all of your team’s marketing content and resources. To add that hyperlocal expert edge to your team’s website, add a recommendation tab. This will be a spot for current and potential clients to turn to when they’re in need of mortgage brokers, appraisers, home warranties, contractors and other home services in your area. This will connect your team into the community by partnering with the local housing businesses, and demonstrating your team’s expertise to current and potential clients.

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