Take 5: Don’t Worry Be Late Clock, DIY Maze Puzzle + More

Time is of the essence, but am I always on time? Admittedly, no – and this fun, abstract wall clock makes me feel better about that. It serves as a reminder that “life’s pace isn’t always a sprint, but sometimes a leisurely stroll.” There was even a study that found people who are always late tend to be happier and live longer, so say less!

Jamie Harris Studio chandelier of hand-blown glass pieces in shades of pink, amber, and white pearl.

Up-close, detailed photos of the hand-blown pieces of Jamie Harris Studio's chandelier

I’m still in awe over this beautiful chandelier by Jamie Harris, unveiled at Todd Merrill Studio during Design Miami 2023. It reminds me of mouth-watering candies and brings out the side of me that loves all things pink. Each piece has a unique color composition that, while individually mesmerizing, together complements one another beautifully.

Helight Sleep red light therapy device on a wood side table

Helight Sleep red light therapy device on a side table emitting red light into a dark room

Red light-anything has been riding a high wave lately, so my interest was immediately piqued when I saw this little device. Rechargeable and portable, it emits pure red light at a specific wavelength to trigger a biological response, helping you to relax and signaling to your brain that it’s time for bed. Carefully designed to follow a 28-minute protocol, it mirrors the natural cycle of light at the end of the day. As someone who tends to revenge procrastinate, this just might be the thing to change that bad habit in me.

MoMa Design Store Perpetual Sliding Calendar mounted on a wall in front of a working desk that has a laptop, lamp, notepad, and pencil

New year, new calendar, except this one will last you a lifetime! Designed by Giancarlo Cipri, this calendar is a fun and engaging way to keep you up to date. To track each day of the week, month, and day, simply slide the circles along its pathway. While you can have it mounted on a wall or displayed on your table, I’d go for the latter so it can double as a fidget toy.

Intrism Marble Maze Puzzle on a side table between two white chairs

Intrism Mini Hero puzzle in a display case with inidividual photos of what's included (6 wooden sheets, acrylic enclosure, sandpaper, marble, assembly guide, and display stand)

I love doing puzzles that make my brain feel like it’s cramping because there’s this extra level of satisfaction when I successfully complete it. This one’s a doozy because you have to build it before you can solve it! It comes with everything you need, and once you’re done solving it, you can display it like a work of art. With 3 levels to choose from, it can take you anywhere from 1-3 hours or 9-12 hours of building time. Intrism also has amazing sustainability efforts with its three-part approach: reduce, remediate, and replenish – that’s a bonus score!

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