Subaru trademarks a whole slew of outdoorsy words

2024 Subaru Crosstrek Wilderness 12

vIf you’ve been to an auto show in the last couple of years, you’ve probably seen that Subaru’s booth looks like an indoor forest. The AWD brand has always attracted outdoorsy types, and Subaru has capitalized on that with sub-model names like Wilderness and Outback, the latter of which became its own model name. Some USPTO sleuthing has revealed that the company has recently trademarked no less than 12 names that conjure up notions of trekking into nature.

The names were discovered by AutoGuide, who dredged the US Patent and Trademark Office for filings by Subaru that fall under ““automobiles and structural parts and fittings therefor.” The names are: Trailhead, Outsider, Hightrail, Getaway, Highroad, Everpass, Everguide, and Accomplice. 

Some of those sound pretty snazzy. When deciding which car to take, everyone wants the Highroad. Trailhead makes us want to put on our hiking boots and head for the nearest National Park. Uncharted is even better — strap that kayak to the roof and throw an REI tent into the trunk, we’re going off-grid! 

Others don’t work so well. When applied to a car Getaway sounds like it could be used in a crime, which sort of goes hand in red hand with Accomplice. As far as we know a Viewfinder is part of a camera, and no one wants to be an Outsider.

These names don’t necessarily mean that Subaru wants to slap these on the backs of cars. They could be for accessories or option packages. Or, the company might just want to squat on them in case they have a use for them down the road (or to prevent others from using them).

Whatever they get used for, it’s clear Subaru is thinking about ways to appeal to adventure-seekers. Just be sure not to break your Trailwind.

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