Sorry, Skinnies—2024 Is Officially the Year of This Divisive Jeans Trend

The hunt for the perfect pair of jeans is a constant mission, one made doubly hard by the fact that it seems like the in-fashion silhouettes are constantly changing. Last year, one thing was for certain—skinny jeans were out (wear them and risk being condemned as cheugy by the Gen Z-ers). And I must inform you that in 2024, they’re not making a return. In fact, the denim pendulum is swinging definitively in the opposite direction: baggy, slouchy jeans are taking the top spot.

Perhaps prompted by a renewed interest in late-Nineties and early-Noughties style, the ultra-wide-leg, loose-fit jeans are the must-have pair of the year. Just take a scroll on Instagram and you’ll so many of your favourite influencers and celebrities sporting the oversized denim.

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