'Should I Forward The Photos And Videos To Teresa, Or Will You?' Airbnb Host Allegedly Sent A Guest's Wife Door-Cam Footage Of Him With Another Woman After A Negative Review And $960 Dispute


A legal battle rife with allegations of scandal and blackmail has erupted from what began as a routine Airbnb rental dispute. Shawn Mackey’s stay at “A Little Bit More Country,” a quaint Airbnb property in Memphis, led to a chain of events that would unravel into a complex legal confrontation.

In September 2022, Mackey rented the Airbnb property. The understanding was that a few extra guests might join for dinner, to which host Pamela Fohler initially had no objections. However, the agreement turned acrimonious after Fohler imposed additional charges based on the number of guests, citing house rules. The situation was exacerbated by noise complaints from neighbors, prompting Fohler to request the group’s departure.

Mackey negotiated to stay, but the incident left a sour note, prompting him to leave a negative review and request a partial refund of $502.46. Airbnb responded by suspending his account pending further investigation.

Fohler’s communication took a darker turn, as she allegedly threatened to send security camera footage to Mackey’s wife, implying infidelity. “Photo at 3:16 AM is especially notable. Should I forward the photos and videos to [Mackey’s wife] Teresa, or will you?” her message read, according to the complaint reported by the New York Post. When Mackey refused to settle the $960 claimed by Fohler, the footage was reportedly sent to his wife.

The public reaction has been swift and decisive, with social media platforms like Instagram becoming arenas for discussion and debate. Users have condemned the alleged extortion and privacy invasion, with one comment stating this is “extortion and invasion of privacy,” suggesting that all of Fohler’s properties should be put at risk through legal action. Other users have pointed out the gravity of the additional fees being labeled as “hush money.”

Legal experts and commentators on social media have speculated about the potential repercussions for Fohler, with users predicting the loss of her Airbnb hosting rights and removal from hosting platforms. The case raises critical questions about the boundaries of privacy, the ethics of host-guest interactions and the responsibilities of platforms like Airbnb in mediating and policing such disputes.

As the case proceeds, with Mackey seeking unspecified actual and punitive damages for the alleged damage to his marriage and emotional distress, Airbnb has moved to compel arbitration. In contrast, Fohler has filed a motion to dismiss the case.

The outcome of this legal entanglement may set a precedent for how digital privacy, hospitality services and personal conduct intersect in the increasingly scrutinized sharing economy.

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