Sensitive Eyes? These 9 Mascaras Will Give You Full Lashes And No Irritation

Ask almost anyone what their can’t-live-without makeup item is and, nine times out of ten, the answer will be mascara. But what if you have sensitive eyes that water at the very thought of applying mascara to your lashes? Chances are you’ll avoid wearing it entirely rather than run the risk of irritated eyes and smudged mascara come lunchtime. However, there are plenty of mascaras that work brilliantly for sensitive eyes—you just need to know what to look out for.

“Some eyes are more vulnerable to sensitising ingredients, especially when the tear barrier is compromised which can cause dry eyes,” explains Nicola Alexander-Cross, Optometrist and Peep Club Co-Founder. “When this happens, the tears, which are our eyes first line of defence, are poor in quality or quantity and can leave the eye more vulnerable to allergies or irritation.” The biggest culprit for causing irritation has to be the ingredients found within mascara formulations, though. “Mascaras are notoriously difficult to formulate without sensitising ingredients—alcohol, fragrances, certain preservatives, and waxes. It’s the hardest makeup product to find if you do have sensitive eyes.”

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