Sen. Ron Johnson Squirms When CNN’s Kaitlan Collins Asks Him To Back Up Claim

CNN’s Kaitlan Collins made Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) flounder when she challenged him to provide evidence for his claim about Democrats on Monday’s episode of “The Source.”

Johnson claimed Democrats had done the same “repeatedly in all kinds of different states“ during a back-and-forth about the 10 Wisconsin Republicans who, in 2020, served as fake electors for former President Donald Trump, who last week settled a lawsuit brought by the state’s legitimate electors in which they acknowledged President Joe Biden won the election.

Those Republicans “did nothing different than what many Democrats have done in many states throughout our history,” Johnson argued.

“They certainly did, senator,” Collins responded. “There were multiple slates of fake electors, including in your home state. They’re acknowledging that they were playing a role in trying to improperly overturn the election. That’s what they said.”

Trump-loving Johnson, though, called it a “nuisance lawsuit” and again insisted Democrats have also declared themselves electors in several states.

“Which ones, sir?” asked Collins.

“I’m not prepared to give you the exact states, but it’s happened repeatedly. It has happened repeatedly. Just go check the books,” he replied.

“Which books?” Collins fired back.

Johnson floundered before telling Collins, “This wasn’t what this interview was gonna be about. I’ll come in, and I’ll provide you the information, but I’m absolutely certain about that.”

“I look forward to your office sending that information,” Collins replied. “We’ll publish it if it’s accurate.”


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