Searches for These Anti-Skinny Jeans Are Up 1300%, so I Found the Best Pairs

This season’s newest jeans trend is bolder than the ones we’ve come to know in recent months. With a voluminous finish that gives even flared jeans a run for their money, the dramatic horseshoe jeans trend is reestablishing denim as a true fashion hero this season.

Spotted recently on influencers, celebrities and Fashion Week attendees, horseshoe jeans are proving to be one of the most popular on the market. With Google searches serging by +1300% and fashion devotees styling them on repeat, this new-season trend is firmly on its way to reaching cult status.

horseshoe jeans

Sitting between the waist and hip and flaring out at the knee before tapering slightly at the ankle, the horseshoe jean adds a sculptural hint to your denim look, imparting a chic and elevated edge that other jeans styles typically can’t achieve.

At London Fashion Week that trend was styled with full-denim looks, worn with frilly blouses and finished with hourglass blazers. Whilst the denim trend is naturally versatile—jeans are notoriously one of the easiest wardrobe items to style, this voluminous pair wears especially well with form-fitting tops such as light knits, sleeveless styles and t-shirts.

horseshoe jeans

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Championed by French heritage brand, Alaïa, which has been sending horseshoe jeans down the runway for several seasons, this spring more and more brands are taking part in the trend. Whilst designer labels offer the silhouette in its most dramatic form, high street retailers such as COS and River Island stock more subtle takes on the horseshoe silhouette. But don’t worry, they still very much fall into the trend category.

horseshoe jeans

With that, I’ve assembled the best interpretations of the horseshoe jeans trend for every budget. Scroll on to see them.


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