Save up to 47% on an Armor All car cleaning kit today thanks to these Amazon deals

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If you’re the kind of person who takes their car through a car wash for your exterior cleaning, it might be worth looking into these at-home car wash solutions to save yourself a bit of money and to experience the joy of washing your own car in the driveway on a warm summer day. As long as you’re washing your car on a regular basis, it’s often a better value to pick up some car wash kits, even at full-price, and take care of the job yourself.

Right now, you can pick up some Armor All car wash gear at a discount thanks to these stellar Amazon deals that could save you up to 47%! Armor All is one of the biggest brands in the game, and it always has a few products among the Amazon best-seller lists. Our favorite deal of this bunch is probably the Premier Car Care Kit just below, which is available for nearly half-off, but we’ve included a few other great deals to consider as well.

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$24.05 at Amazon

This 8-piece kit comes with everything you need to build a solid car cleaning arsenal for yourself this summer. Included in the deal, you’ll get a protectant spray and multi-purpose cleaner for doing spot-cleans of your interior, wheel and tire cleaner and tire shine to keep your wheels and tires lookin sharp, glass cleaner for cleaning off the splotches on your windows, a 16 oz container of wash & wax to give “a radiant car shine while revealing your paint’s deep color” and a wash pad to apply it and even an air freshener.

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$50.62 at Amazon

This 9-piece Ultimate Car Detailing Kit is a small step up from the “Premier” kit above. The products are slightly different, so it’s not as if you’re just getting the same kit with “one more thing,” but ultimately (see what we did there?), either one will put you in a great spot to have a squeaky clean car this summer. Possibly the biggest upgrade with this kit is the addition of the three micro-fiber towels. Outside of those, it’ll also get you a wash mitt, protectant spray, glass, wheel and tire cleaner, and Snow Foam car wash.

Armor All 3 piece cleaning kit

$17.47 at Amazon

This modest three-piece kit clearly isn’t as robust as the two kits above, but it does provide everything you need (other than a hose) to get a modest start on your car cleaning journey this summer. While tire shines and protectant sprays are nice to have, all you really need for a wash is some soapy water, a wash mitt, and a towel to dry your car with, and that’s exactly what you get here. The soap container in this bundle will get you 64 ounces of the stuff, so it’s a bit bigger than the container in the Premiere bundle. If all you really need is a towel, a mitt and some soap, this bundle could save you a few bucks.

Armor All Car Wipes

$10.25 at Amazon

If you’re just looking for some quick wipes to add to your garage, this three-pack will get you Protectant Wipes to “preserve your vehicle’s rich look by protecting the interior of your vehicle from harmful elements, including UV rays and oxidation,” Cleaning Wipes to “lift away dirt and debris to reveal your car’s rich, natural beauty without harming delicate automotive surfaces,” and Glass Wipes to “remove filmy residue, road grime, bugs and fingerprints to leave a crystal clear, streak-free shine on your car’s glass surfaces.” These wipes also feature the heaviest discount of the bunch at 47%.

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$17.26 at Amazon

If you don’t need all the fancy-schmancy soaps and liquids for all of the different parts of your car and just want soap, well don’t worry, Armor All is offering a small discount on a gallon container of its All-Purpose Car Wash. Thanks to this deal, you can get the gallon for just over $17. It’s foaming cleaner that’s made to be tough on dirt but gentle enough that it won’t strip your latest wax coating. As you might expect, it promises spot-free, streak-free results.

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