Sandy Hook families blast Alex Jones amid bankruptcy battle: ‘His time is up’

Families of those killed in the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting blasted right-wing personality Alex Jones amid his bankruptcy battle Tuesday.

The families and a committee of creditors for Jones noted his earlier bankruptcy for himself and his company, Free Speech Systems, last year. They said in the time since he and his company filed for bankruptcy, he “has not presented any viable path to emergence.”

“Nor has he done much of anything to preserve, let alone maximize, the value of his estate for the benefit of his creditors—predominantly the victims of Jones’s relentless campaign to defame the families of children and others murdered at Sandy Hook Elementary School,” a Tuesday filing in U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Texas by the creditors and families read.

They also said the right-wing personality “has yet to sell a single non-exempt asset.” According to the families and creditors, he is continuing a lavish lifestyle.

“He has refused to adhere to a reasonable budget or engage with the Committee on ways to limit spending,” the filing continued. “And he has resisted commencing meritorious avoidance actions against insiders. In short, Jones has failed in every way to serve as the fiduciary mandated by the Bankruptcy Code in exchange for the breathing spell he has enjoyed for almost a year. His time is up.”

Last month, a Texas judge ruled that Jones cannot use bankruptcy protections as a means to evade paying money to Sandy Hook families. He has to pay $1.1 billion to the families who sued him due to his espousing of conspiracy theories claiming the mass shooting was a hoax.

“There can be little doubt that the Chapter 11 Cases must resolve soon,” the Tuesday filing continued. “Jones’s estate simply cannot fund an indefinite bankruptcy. Indeed, the estate is not only bearing the costs of Jones’s professionals,  but also hemorrhaging approximately $65,000 to $90,000 a month (excluding legal and professional fees) to bankroll Jones’s lifestyle.”

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