Sambas, Who? This Cult Trainer Brand Is Set to Give Adidas a Run for Its Money This Summer

I was a late bloomer when it came to wearing trainers. I’m not a gym-goer (probably should cancel that membership) and as someone who has always favoured boots, heels and fancy sandals, I just didn’t see a place for them in my wardrobe. Until my late 20s hit, that is, and I realised I had been missing out all this time. Now in my 30s, I’ve constantly falling victim to the ever-changing trainer trends—I’m just about to invest in either a brown or green pair of kicks to add to my carefully curated collection. And I just can’t imagine how I compiled certain outfits—from activewear to suiting—without them. While certain trainers (cough, Sambas) are being put to one side, there’s one brand that’s always in the limelight: New Balance.

Known for chunky dad styles, signature grey and the ability to make fashion editors and influencers cause a stampede to get certain pairs (hello, 550), there’s no denying New Balance will always be iconic. But these are the particular pairs that everyone I know will be wearing this year.

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1. New Balance 530

Lena wearing New Balance

Style Notes: The timeless ‘dad doing errands’ kick is sticking around. Take tips from Lena and add white socks, longline shorts and an oversized shirt for a formula that’ll never fail this time of year.

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2. Grey New Balance

Ellie wearing New Balance

Style Notes: No matter how the styles have evolved, grey has always been a running (excuse the pun) theme for New Balance. So much so, the brand created a ‘Grey Days’ campaign this month to show the love for the signature colour. Naturally, so many fashion insiders already know it’s one of the most wearable hues to opt for, no matter the season or year.

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3. Bright And Bold

Amaka wearing new balance

Style Notes: As the saying goes: ‘Go bold or go home’, and New Balance agrees. While Amaka’s bright yellow Ganni collab style can only be tracked down on resale sites, you can pick up the rainbow and blocked colour pairs to liven up your trusty jeans.

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4. New Balance 550

Lucy Williams wearing New Balance

Style Notes: Known to sell out quicker than Taylor Swift tickets, the 550s have struggled to stay in stock in recent years. Still key, there are so many versions to choose from that’ll look just as good with leggings as they will with linen separates.

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