'Road to Le Mans' recaps Michael Fassbender's journey to this year's race

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When we first wrote about Michael Fassbender trying to get a real race ride in “Road to Le Mans” in 2019, the actor most recently seen onscreen Netflix’s “The Killer” had already been on the road for three years — a year of race training followed by two years of driving a Ferrari 488 Challenge in the Ferrari Challenge series. The 2019 development saw the actor switch from Maranello to Stuttgart, joining Porsche’s Super Cup series in Germany, and commencing the YouTube series we posted on. Four seasons, 33 episodes, and more than 100 million views later, Fassbender got his dream drive in La Sarthe during this year’s 100th-anniversary running of the 24 hours of Le Mans. You can now make “Road to Le Mans” part of your long weekend in front of big and little screens, with the new 90-minute documentary capping the YouTube series and covering the high and low points of Fassbender’s Porsche racing career.

Full disclosure, Fassbender made it to Le Mans in 2022, a success that could have made a natural ending for a series called “Road to Le Mans.” Things didn’t go well, the actor crashing the #93 Proton Competition Porsche 911 RSR in qualifying and twice more during the race overnight. With the help of teammates Zacharie Robichon and Matt Campbell, though, the team got to the checkered flag classified 16th out of 23 runners in the LM GTE-AM class, 51st out of the 62 classified finishers.

This year had its low points as well, like an even more unfortunate run-in with a wall on the Sunday morning of the race. However, among the highs, Fassbender clocked a sub-four-minute time around the circuit for the first time in his #911 Proton Competition 911 RSR. Even better, he and co-drivers Martin Rump and Richard Lietz moved up to 11th out of 21 runners in LM GTE-AM on the final classification. Head over to YouTube to ride along all the way to the finish. 

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