"Rich NYC Mom" is My Fall Vibe & $100 Is My Budget—Here's What I'm Buying First

After a summer filled with obsessing over quiet luxury looks it seems that the focus for fall is on the same track. You guessed it, we’re all still obsessed with looking rich. At least I am. While my obsession with looking as rich is growing daily my budget isn’t, but not to worry. As a shopping editor finding expensive looking items that don’t break the bank is kinda my super power. H&M, Reformation, and Nordstrom are three of my go-to retailers when I’m looking for something that makes me look way richer than I actually am. I figured why not use my powers for good, and round up some of the best of the best when it comes to chic items for fall all under $100 and all screaming “yeah, I’m rich.”

Keep scrolling to see which expensive looking but under $100 items I’m ordering for the upcoming season.

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